Azara Blog: Gordon Brown apparently wants an opt-out system of organ donation

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Date published: 2008/01/13

The BBC says:

Gordon Brown says he wants a national debate on whether to change the system of organ donation.

He believes thousands of lives would be saved if everyone was automatically placed on the donor register.

It would mean that, unless people opted out of the register or family members objected, hospitals would be allowed to use their organs for transplants.

If they gave people a real and regularly offered choice to opt out this would be fine. Unfortunately what they will do is make it difficult to find out how to opt out, and assume that most people will be too lazy to bother trying to find out. The case for organ donation is easy for the media to make: just show someone who has benefitted or someone who is still waiting. The case against organ donation is much harder: many people suspect doctors would gladly pull the plug on someone sooner rather than later, in order to obtain an organ, and needless to say, nobody will be the wiser unless the doctor does something stupid.

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