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Date published: 2008/01/18

The BBC says:

School catchment areas should be banned to stop richer parents buying their way into good schools through the housing market, researchers have said.

Admissions policies favour parents who know how to use school information like league tables and those who can afford to pick where they live, they add.

The University of London team argued this was partly why the current system exacerbated existing inequalities.

This is a perfectly good example why all people who work in this area, such as the brilliant "University of London team" that produced this report, should just be sacked, and the money diverted to a good use, like say education.

When a parent moves to Cambridge (or anywhere else) they ask their colleagues at work what the good (and bad) schools are. They get more, and more useful, information this way than from any government league table, which in any case miss 95% of what is important. A week or two after you have moved to Cambridge, you know where your kids should be going to school. And funnily enough the areas with the best schools also have the best houses (another reason why they are expensive). Who would have thought.

And it is eternally depressing that all these "researchers", and politicians as well, spend all their time and effort trying to figure out ways to screw the middle class, rather than improve all schools.

Whatever, these "researchers" should all be forced to send their kids to sink schools, if they think that the middle class (and these "researchers" are all very middle class) have been having their own way for far too long. Let these people suffer the crap they are trying to thrust upon others.

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