Azara Blog: Another pointless education report, this time on ethnic minority students

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Date published: 2008/01/22

The BBC says:

Universities need to act urgently to ensure ethnic minority students are not discriminated against, a report argues.

Government statistics show students from minority ethnic groups are less likely than their white peers to achieve top marks in their degrees.

The report said the exact reasons for this were complex and hard to identify.
The top three reasons that those surveyed gave for differential attainment were the need to undertake paid employment while studying, social class and prior family background of university.

But the researchers also said racism and ethnic discrimination in society was an important, but hard to quantify, issue affecting progression and attainment of students.

The top three reasons of those surveyed sound eminently reasonable, and no doubt could have been determined after three seconds thought without doing any expensive research. Unfortunately the researchers have decided to inject a hint of racism into their analysis because either that is their bias or the bias of the people who paid for this work, or because it makes it more likely that the (anti-university) media will pick up the story. The UK should stop wasting money on this kind of pointless research and instead spend the money on education.

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