Azara Blog: Government is wasting money on an anti-obesity campaign

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Date published: 2008/01/23

The BBC says:

A £372m strategy aimed at cutting levels of obesity in England has been launched by the government.

The strategy includes £75m for an "aggressive" campaign to promote healthy living to parents.

Several "healthy towns" will be created at a cost of £30m with comprehensive cycle routes and pedestrian areas.

Ministers said measures could potentially include offering obese people vouchers for gyms as an incentive to exercise.

First of all the article does not identify what all the alleged 372 million pounds is being spent on, so that figure is probably just made up to sound high, and it is ridiculously high unless they can more than save that money as a consequence. That seems unlikely, since in particular, the 75 million pounds being spent on an "aggressive" campaign is just 75 million pounds being spent on marketing and spin, and it will almost certainly be a complete waste of money. It's no wonder the government is running such a huge budget deficit, it seems incapable of not throwing zillions of pounds at useless consultancies and spin merchants, all with very little to show for it. (Have no fear, the next Tory government will waste money in even more imaginative ways.)

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