Azara Blog: Government claims it wants a "debate" on electoral "reform"

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Date published: 2008/01/29

The BBC says:

The government says it wants a debate on the voting system at general elections - including a possible move to proportional representation.

Justice Minister Michael Wills backed the current "first-past-the-post" system after the publication last week of a review of various alternatives.

But he told MPs he hoped it would stimulate debate on the issue.

Critics say the minister is keeping the door open for a deal with the Lib Dems in the event of a hung parliament.

Of the three main parties, only the Liberal Democrats are committed to proportional representation at Westminster, which it says is fairer than first past the post.

How quaint. The BBC is willing to be semi-honest about the motives of Labour, but is completely dishonest about the motives of the Lib Dems. The "Liberal Democrats are committed to proportional representation at Westminster" because they would end up with more seats. As with most things in life (e.g. taxes), the word "fairer" in this context means "we will do better out of it". The Lib Dems, not the party of principle (then again, neither are any of the others).

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