Azara Blog: Tory millionaire wants to force UK to hold a referendum on EU treaty

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Date published: 2008/01/29

The BBC says:

A legal bid to force the UK to hold a referendum on the EU reform treaty has been launched by spread-betting millionaire Stuart Wheeler.

Mr Wheeler, a prominent Conservative Party donor, told the BBC he had issued a "letter before the claim" to Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Mr Brown has rejected a public vote on the treaty as he says it does not change the UK constitution.

But Mr Wheeler says he wants a judicial review of the PM's decision.

Mr Wheeler has sent the letter to Mr Brown giving notice of the claim and expects to have a court hearing to decide on his request for a judicial review.

He said he expected to get permission for the review and had been told that the EU treaty - now known as the Lisbon Treaty - could not be ratified while a review was pending.

Hopefully Wheeler will be laughed out of court. Hopefully he will be left with a very large legal bill. He obviously has too much money, and nothing to do with his time. It should be up to Parliament to decide if there is a referendum, not some crackpot. Does David Cameron support this crackpot, or does he support Parliament?

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