Azara Blog: The UK's emissions allegedly fell a smidgeon last year

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Date published: 2008/01/31

The BBC says:

The UK's carbon emissions fell by just 0.1% last year, and the government has admitted it must do more to tackle climate change.

The figures would have been worse if the UK's share of pollution from global flights and shipping had been included.

Analysis of the figures highlights key trends: emissions from homes went down, while road transport emissions went up.

Not only does one year's figures mean very little (but of course the BBC has to report every swing and roundabout) but the way emissions are accounted for are completely incorrect in any case, even ignoring the issue about flights and shipping. So the emissions look at where goods are produced, not where they are consumed. Since almost everything Britain buys these days comes from China, that is a lot of hidden emissions.

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