Azara Blog: Someone allegedly verbally abused an RAF person over a year ago

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Date published: 2008/03/07

The BBC says:

Gordon Brown has condemned reports that RAF personnel at a Cambridgeshire base were advised not to wear uniform in public for fear of verbal abuse.

He said armed forces members should be "encouraged to wear their uniform in public and have the respect and gratitude of the British people".

The decision not to wear uniform was taken by the station commander at RAF Wittering near Peterborough.

Defence minister Derek Twigg blamed "a tiny minority" for the abuse.

It has been claimed that verbal abuse has been directed at service personnel by people opposed to UK involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Cambridgeshire police said they did not know of any abuse reported in the city.

The guidance was issued in January 2007 advising personnel to wear civilian clothes in certain areas for fears of abuse. It followed a verbal incident in December 2006.

Let's see. The police know nothing. There was allegedly one (presumably minor) incident over a year ago, and the (presumably bland) guidance was issued over a year ago. Yet somehow the story makes the news today, with Gordon Brown (and the BBC and the rest of the media and the Tories, etc.) furiously waving the flag. Evidently someone somewhere has an agenda and has decided to make a mountain out of a molehill. That is the real story. Unfortunately the BBC does not bother to tell us who this is, since they seem more concerned to cover the faux news.

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