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Date published: 2008/03/10

The BBC says:

Coal-fired power stations will remain a "key source" of British energy, Cabinet minister John Hutton has said.

Mr Hutton, who is considering proposals to build a new coal station in Kent, said fossil fuels were needed to back up nuclear and renewable energy.

He said the UK was playing a leading role in "clean coal" power generation.

The Lib Dems said without carbon capture and storage technology, clean coal was "a total myth" - the Tories said that technology was years away.

Well all three statements about coal by the political parties could be true. And it is amazing how much hysteria is generated by the decision over one coal power station. But of course so-called environmentalists have nothing better to do with their time than get hysterical (they certainly won't help the world by actually inventing any new technology to help solve problems).

And carbon capture and storage is an important technology not so much for the UK as for countries like China, which are more heavily dependent on coal, so if the UK by some miracle invented some worthwhile technology on this front, it could prove to be a valuable development. On the other hand, unless there is a global carbon tax, the Chinese will have no incentive to take this technology on board.

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