Azara Blog: David Cameron loves families (whatever that means)

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Date published: 2008/03/15

The BBC says:

David Cameron has vowed to protect children from "ruthless marketers and shameless retailers" in a speech to the Tory spring forum in Gateshead.

Setting out his vision for a "family friendly" Britain, he pledged to double the number of health visitors.

Some Tories had concentrated too much on family structure, said Mr Cameron.

Being family friendly was not just about tax and benefits, but also making the UK a better place to bring up children, he said.

He told party activists being family friendly was "seriously Conservative" - but in the past some on the right had "got families wrong" by suggesting "that the only thing that matters is family structure".

He said the modern Conservative Party was "a party for all families" including single parents - and he argued that politicians had to take a lead in calling for greater responsibility from business.

Citing the campaign by parents to have a children's bed named Lolita withdrawn from sale by Woolworths. he told Tory party members: "Parents want to know that the freedoms they give their children won't be exploited by ruthless marketers and shameless retailers.

It would be useful if once in awhile Cameron told us what he means by a "family". Does it only include people with children? Or people with children under 18? Or people who live semi-permanently with at least one other person? Or what? It's almost the point where he's just saying "I love you all, please vote for me".

And it is rather amusing for him to speak about "ruthless marketers". His background is in PR, and if there is one thing you can say about his approach to being leader of the Tory party, it is that he is a ruthless marketer, willing to say anything to be elected. Presumably he believes that children should be protected from himself.

And the Lolita example is pathetic. Woolworths did not name the bed Lolita to try to "exploit" children (or their parents). They just chose a stupid name for a children's bed (presumably not being clued up about some boring novel from half a century ago, and so unprepared for the academic middle class hysteria). Mr Cameron could do with having less paranoiac delusional thoughts about the retailers of the country.

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