Azara Blog: MPs want the BAA London near-monopoly to be broken up

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Date published: 2008/03/15

The BBC says:

A committee of MPs has called for the break-up of airport operator BAA, saying that its dominance has proved stifling for competition.

BAA, owned by the Spanish company Ferrovial, runs London's Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Southampton.

MPs said BAA's dominance is "bad for passengers" and the aviation industry.
The report by the House of Commons Transport Committee said BAA had "mismanaged resources" and competition was being "stifled by common ownership of several major airports".

This, it said, resulted in the natural development of the market being "held back".

Hmmm, are British MPs for aviation or against it? They ought to make up their minds. Most of the time they say how horrible aviation is (the end of the world is nigh and aviation is the greatest evil facing the planet other than driving). Then they come up with this report complaining about how BAA's monopoly is bad for the aviation industry. (It is a completely vacuous report because everybody already knows that this near-monopoly is dreadful.) If MPs were trying to be consistent they would be praising BAA (along with the British government) for making air travel so inconvenient and unpleasant these days that it discourages people from flying (especially from Heathrow, one of the worst major airports in Europe, if not the world). Presumably the real point of the report is that while MPs hate the idea that ordinary people should be allowed to fly (at all, never mind so much), they hate corporations even more, especially corporations owned by Johnny Foreigner.

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