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Date published: 2008/03/16

The BBC says:

The government did not fully consider the implications of the Iraq invasion, a former senior aide to Tony Blair has admitted.

Ex-Downing Street chief of staff Jonathan Powell said the preparation was for the "wrong kind of aftermath".

He said on BBC1's Andrew Marr show: "We probably hadn't thought through the magnitude of what we were taking on."

Meanwhile, the Tories have called for a Privy Council inquiry into the "origins and conduct" of the Iraq war.

Mr Powell told BBC1's Andrew Marr show: "We made lots of preparations for humanitarian disaster, for the lack of water and that kind of thing.

"What we hadn't, in my view, really thought through was the long-term nature of this."

He added: "I think we probably hadn't thought through the magnitude of what we were taking on in Iraq. This is something that will take many decades to sort out."

"Decades". So one of Blair's closest aides has now admitted we are stuffed for decades, all thanks to this illegal war. Unfortunately Blair put the interest of George W. Bush above the interest of Britain. Blair and Powell and all the other people involved with this decision should have their public pension taken away. And, needless to say, when you are digging yourself into a hole the best strategy is to stop digging, and Britain has not shown much inclination to do that yet.

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