Azara Blog: Government wants to cut back on incapacity benefit

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Date published: 2008/03/17

The BBC says:

A fundamental overhaul of the support given to workers who are off work through illness is needed, a government adviser says.

Dame Carol Black, the national director for health and work, said ill-health was costing the economy £100bn a year.

Her report, commissioned by ministers, called for a new fit-note system as well as fit for work schemes embedded in the NHS to help people back to work.

She said the reforms could help cut the numbers on incapacity benefit.
Some 175m working days are lost each year, costing the economy £100bn in lost productivity, benefits and taxes.
She said: "£100bn sounds a large figure. But I think the cost to human life is much larger.

"For most people their work is a key factor in their self-worth, family esteem and identity.

This report seems to be more concerned about the government's coffers than it does about the people affected. But as with all middle class control freaks, Black has to pretend that she's doing it for the good of the person affected. Right. Nothing Black has said leads one to the conclusion that she has any proposals how to reduce the (amazingly perfectly round) 100bn, only how to reduce the amount government will have to pay out in incapacity benefit (which is dead easy to do, since they define the rules).

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