Azara Blog: EADS wants to build rockets for space tourism

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Date published: 2008/03/17

The BBC says:

Aerospace giant EADS says it will need a production line of rocket planes to satisfy the space tourism market.

The European company's Astrium division, makers of the Ariane rocket, has plans for a commercial vehicle to take ticketed passengers above 100km.

Its market assessment suggests there would be 15,000 people a year prepared to part with some 200,000 euros (£160,000) for the ride of a lifetime.

Astrium anticipates it be will be producing about 10 planes a year.

No doubt there will be space tourism some day. Whether it will be in EADS rockets is another matter. And it is amusing to see this marketed at a time when the world's financial system is on the verge of meltdown. And of course, ten nanoseconds after these kinds of ventures are mentioned, one can just hear the so-called environmentalists complaining that these trips are sinful and the world will end as soon as anyone ordinary can afford to fly into space. (Funnily enough, the academic middle class BBC always insists on quoting the complaints of so-called environmentalists when it comes to aviation, but not yet when it comes to rockets.)

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