Azara Blog: Lack of folate allegedly linked with abnormal sperm

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Date published: 2008/03/20

The BBC says:

A diet rich in the vitamin folate may protect men against producing abnormal sperm and children with genetic abnormalities, a study suggests.

Researchers found high dietary folate was linked to lower levels of sperm with the wrong number of chromosomes.

Folate, also protective against birth defects, is found in leafy green vegetables, fruit and pulses.
The researchers stressed they had not proved that folate had a direct impact on sperm quality, merely that there was an association between the two. They say more work is needed to investigate cause and effect.

Yet another health study which just finds a correlation, not a causation, but where (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) the top part of the story implies there is a causation, and then way down the story (if at all) we find that after all it is only a correlation. Well, it's pretty easy to find correlations, and of course not only can you get the media to then helpfully imply there might be a causation, but you can also then say "more work is needed".

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