Azara Blog: MPs attack other European countries over Afghanistan

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Date published: 2008/03/20

The BBC says:

US commitment to Nato risks being undermined because some European nations are unwilling to deploy more troops in Afghanistan, MPs have warned.

The Commons Defence Committee said there was a lack of political will among European governments.

In a report on the alliance's future, it said failure in Afghanistan would deal a severe blow to allied unity.

The committee urged Nato leaders to send more troops and with less caveats when they meet in Bucharest next month.

The MPs say they are also worried by what they see as the uncertainty over what Nato is really for these days, which is undermining public support for the alliance.

NATO currently has no purpose other than interfering in countries on the far side of the planet. That has nothing to do with its original purpose. So it might as well be shut down. It is an anachronism in the 21st century.

And Afghanistan is pretty much guaranteed to be a failure, because the US lost interest in Afghanistan pretty soon after it bombed the Taliban out of power, and Bush then diverted American attention into the disaster that is Iraq. Why should Europe be expected to pick up the pieces? America made the mess (in both places), let America sort it out.

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