Azara Blog: Primary schoolchildren can cause disruption

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Date published: 2008/03/22

The BBC says:

Primary schoolchildren spoilt by their parents can cause disruption in the classroom by repeating manipulative behaviour used at home, a report says.

Research for the National Union of Teachers (NUT) suggested a minority of children threw tantrums, swore and were physically aggressive.
Cambridge University held 60 interviews with staff and pupils in 10 schools.

Who would have thought. Indeed, they might as well just have said: "Primary schoolchildren can cause disruption". (And has it ever been any different in the history of the world?) But presumably the point of the exercise was to claim it is all the fault of parents, and thus really it is all the fault of society (for not throwing enough money at parents), hence the chosen spin. And a whole 60 interviews, how impressive, that has to be enough to construct a grand philosophical theory of the universe. The country would be far better spending money on education rather than on educationalists.

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