Azara Blog: Medical charities support Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill

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Date published: 2008/03/23

The BBC says:

Leading charities have written to every MP urging them to support the controversial embryo research bill, the BBC has learned.

Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation are among more than 200 charities in favour of the creation of human-animal hybrids for research.

The prime minister is facing dissent over the bill, from some of his Labour MPs and leading Catholic clergy.

But Health Secretary Alan Johnson said an "accommodation" would be found.

There is nothing wrong with an "accomodation" if in the end the views of these "Labour MPs and leading Catholic clergy" are ignored. Britain should be leading the way on medical research (even medical research that is over-hyped). It is fortunate that these charities have actually done something because the "Catholic clergy" have been rather dominating the headlines and it would be a pity if the impression was left that they somehow represent anyone other than their own narrow partisan followers.

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