Azara Blog: Archbishop of Canterbury speaks more nonsense

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Date published: 2008/03/23

The BBC says:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned in his Easter sermon against nations' greed for oil, power and territory.

Dr Rowan Williams said the "comforts and luxuries" we take for granted could not be sustained forever.

More nonsense from Williams, who seems to have a knack of saying rather stupid things. Of course nothing can be "sustained forever" since the universe will end some day (either by a big crunch or more likely by an entropic death), and long before that the human species will likely go extinct (since pretty much all species eventually go extinct). Of course this far-out-into-the-future view is not what he had in mind. He just wants to repeat the usual trite beliefs of the academic middle class that the world is at an end. Needless to say, it is the academic middle class, like Williams, who most enjoy the "comforts and luxuries" in life. And to equate the use of oil with "greed" is just plain pathetic. Let's see how far he would get about without oil. And oil just happens to be the most convenient source of energy in the world. No doubt 150 years ago he would have been attacking coal instead of oil. Humans do things by using energy. So perhaps the Archbishop thinks human beings should not do things. Well, presumably he really has in mind the ordinary people of Britain (and the world). They should not be allowed to do anything. It is fine for the academic middle class to do things.

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