Azara Blog: Climate change will affect lots of people

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Date published: 2008/03/25

The BBC says:

A Greenpeace report on climate change says that if greenhouse gas emissions grow at their present rate, South Asia could face a major human crisis.

"More than 120 million people from India and Bangladesh alone will become homeless by the end of this century," the report says.

It estimates that 75 million people from Bangladesh will lose their homes.

It predicts that about 45 million people in India will also become "climate migrants".

Nothing really new here, but given the source of the report, there is obviously a certain spin put on the numbers. So, are these people really going to become "homeless" or are these people instead going to move before their homes are lost to the rising water? Emissions seem to set to grow at their present rate for quite a few years, but presumably by the end of the century not, so the likely future is complicated. And needless to say, any report looking a hundred years into the future is bound to be just plain wrong (except by accident).

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