Azara Blog: The workers do not like the proposed "congestion charge"

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Date published: 2008/03/28

The Cambridge News says:

Workers at Addenbrooke's have said a resounding no to the proposed congestion charge in Cambridge.

Three out of four employees at the hospital who responded to a survey by staff representatives say they are against the idea of paying for driving in the city.
Addenbrooke's has about 6,800 workers, and the staff side of its Management-Staff Forum organised the survey. In all, 1,750 workers responded.
[Martin Booth, staff secretary on the forum,] said the survey had asked people whether Addenbrooke's should be inside or outside the charging zone - and whether staff were in favour of the charge or not.

"More than 1,800 journeys would be made by staff during the proposed charge time, and 93 per cent of those who responded to the survey, more than 1,600 employees, said they felt the hospital should be outside the zone," he said.
Residents at Girton have also given road tolls the thumbs-down.

A survey by county councillor John Reynolds, who represents the village, found that of 238 people who replied, 158 - three quarters - were against the proposed charge.

Almost all, 218 people, supported the idea of investment in buses and cycling facilities, but 196 felt that Girton should be outside the charging zone.

These are non-random surveys so the findings do not really count. But even if the results are relatively accurate, they are hardly surprising, since turkeys don't vote for Christmas. The only people who are for the so-called congestion charge are people who will not suffer as a result of its introduction, such as most of the academic middle class people who run Cambridge (including the cycling brigade). Pretty much everyone else is against it, especially the ordinary workers who drive to get to work, who are the real target of the charge. (Shoppers are spared the charge, just workers have to pay, because the time is going to be from 7-9 in the morning. Consumerism trumps working, which tells you a lot about the attitude of the people who run Cambridge.)

One hardly needs surveys to figure any of this out.

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