Azara Blog: School Food Trust wants to force children to eat school meals

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Date published: 2008/03/28

The BBC says:

Schools and councils are being urged to make it harder for children to swap their school meal for a takeaway.

Rising levels of obesity are being fuelled by the ready availability of fast food, said the School Food Trust.

It wants schools to close their gates at lunchtime and councils to stop new fast food outlets opening nearby.

But the Local Government Association said it could not force schools to shut their gates and that food retailers could challenge licence refusals.

The academic middle class in action. The so-called School Food Trust is just yet another quango stuffed full of earnest middle class types, who love to control freak over the nation. Closing school gates is one thing (no doubt the academic middle class can browbeat lots of schools into doing that). But refusing "fast food" outlets to set up shop anywhere near a school is just plain silly. Are local residents supposed to be put out just because the academic middle class do not like "fast food"? Indeed, you can just imagine that the next step will be to ban corner shops selling candy bars or crisps anywhere near a school as well. Like all quangos, the School Food Trust should just be shut down. The money that is saved could be spent on education.

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