Azara Blog: The Tories would allegedly do better for science than Labour

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Date published: 2008/03/29

The BBC says:

Science and innovation is being stifled by the government, say the Tories.

Shadow chancellor George Osborne said a UK government "stranglehold" on science funding meant over 20% was controlled centrally, up from 2% in 1997.
[Skills Secretary John] Denham responded by saying Labour had a better record at science funding than implied by Mr Osborne.

He said that since 1997, Labour had built up a world-class British research base which ranked "second only to the USA".

"When the Tories were in power, they let science go to rack and ruin - so much so that scientists had to start a campaign to 'Save British Science'.

"Labour has doubled investment in science, and will be spending £6bn on science by 2010/11."

The last Tory government was far, far worse on science funding than Labour. And it would be interesting to hear what Osborne claims would actually be done differently by the Tories, since in almost all policy areas they say they would do exactly the same as Labour, only they would allegedly want to do things differently but for some obscure reason cannot promise they would.

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