Azara Blog: Flybe does creative marketing to avoid fine at Norwich Airport

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Date published: 2008/03/30

The BBC says:

Budget airline Flybe advertised for actors to fly between Norwich and Dublin to boost passenger numbers and avoid a £280,000 commercial penalty.

The airline took the step to avoid a penalty charge from Norwich Airport if it did not carry 15,000 passengers on the route by 31 March.

The airport criticised Flybe for pointlessly damaging the environment.

Flybe, which did not use actors in the end, blamed the airport, calling it "intransigent and greedy".

Under the terms of the deal between the airline and the airport, the latter would impose a £280,000 penalty if Flybe did not carry 15,000 passengers on the Norwich to Dublin route during the 2007/2008 financial year.

Flybe, which is based in Exeter, was 172 passengers short with the 31 March deadline approaching and the two sides could not reach a compromise.

The airline laid on extra flights, offered 200 free return tickets, placed an advertisement on an actors' website for "extras" and warned staff to prepare to fly to Ireland.

Norwich Airport Managing Director Richard Jenner said: "It doesn't seem to be in the spirit of the agreement.

"But, more than anything, our concerns are about the unnecessary impact on the environment. We try here to justify the impact we have on the environment."

Norwich Airport is taking the piss. It is they who were not "in the spirit of the agreement". And if they were really so concerned "about the unnecessary impact on the environment" then they wouldn't have been so hardline about the passenger numbers in the first place. And in fact nothing in life is "necessary", except death. So if they really don't want to have any "unnecessary impact on the environment" then they should just shut the airport down.

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