Azara Blog: Government wants to offer health checks to everyone aged 40 to 74

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Date published: 2008/04/01

The BBC says:

Everyone aged 40 to 74 in England will be offered health checks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease under new government plans.

Ministers believe the assessments will save lives and cut the number of people affected by these conditions.

Patients will visit a practice nurse or healthcare assistant and have a blood test. They will then be given advice or any necessary preventative treatment.

But doctors have doubts over how effective the screening will be.
Ministers said that computer modelling shows that offering the checks to those aged 40 to 74 - approximately a third of the population - will save 2,000 lives a year and prevent 9,500 heart attacks and strokes.

This plan will not "save 2,000 lives a year". It might prolong lives, it will not "save" them, since everybody eventually has to die. The question that is unfortunately not asked by the BBC is whether this plan is good value for money. The government should distribute their wonderful computer model for others to verify.

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