Azara Blog: Some House of Lords committee does not like immigrants

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Date published: 2008/04/01

The BBC says:

Record levels of immigration have had "little or no impact" on the economic well-being of Britons, an influential House of Lords committee has said.

It says competition from immigrants has had a negative impact on the low paid and training for young UK workers, and has contributed to high house prices.

The peers want a limit on immigration levels - a view backed by the Tories.

Minister Liam Byrne says migration has added £6bn to the economy and a points system is preferable to a cap.

In their report, The Economic Impact of Immigration, the peers said the government "should have an explicit target range" for immigration and set rules to keep within that limit.
They rejected claims by ministers that a high level of immigration was needed to prevent labour shortages as "fundamentally flawed".

The Little Englanders in the House of Lords have spoken, and mostly nonsense (although you can always spin things as you see fit). There are hundreds if not thousands of companies up and down the country who will tell you that they would be in serious trouble were it not for immigrants. Immigrants do work that the Brits do not want to do, and mostly better than the Brits would do even if the Brits did want to do the work. The House of Lords committee heard testimony about this and seems to have just ignored it, since it evidently didn't fit their prejudice.

And you can bet your last pound that the very same people who wrote this report take full advantage of using immigrant workers themselves.

Hopefully the government will ignore this report. But the next government will likely be Tory, and so the Little Englanders will then be running the country. Expect Fortress England to head downhill.

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