Azara Blog: Some doctor thinks there are too many female medical students

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Date published: 2008/04/04

The BBC says:

The rising number of female doctors is "bad for medicine", and universities should recruit more men, a GP warns.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, Dr Brian McKinstry said female doctors were more likely to work part-time, leading to staffing problems.

Women, who now outnumber men in medical schools, were also less likely to take part in training or research, he said.

But opponents said the best candidates should be chosen regardless of gender and flexible working policies improved.
Women now outnumber men in most UK medical schools by three to two.
"I think medical school numbers should reflect society generally and we need a more even split between men and women."

In Scotland where he works, figures show that women GPs contribute about 60% of the activity of their male counterparts in training, teaching, research and committee work, he said.

A separate piece in the BMJ pointed out costs associated with poor performance, litigation, re-education, and rehabilitation were consistently higher for male doctors.

All a bit silly and sterile this discussion. Hopefully UK medical schools are more worried about the competence of their students than anything else (since a lot of doctors seem not to be). On the other hand, in any area where men outnumber women we are told that the world is at an end and that women are being blatantly discriminated against.

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