Azara Blog: Tories want to ban and forget about disruptive students

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Date published: 2008/04/07

The BBC says:

The Conservatives have outlined plans to ban classroom troublemakers and give powers to protect teachers in England.

Party leader David Cameron said schools would not have to be "penalised" financially for removing persistently badly behaved children.

Good schools would not have to take pupils from bad ones and parents of excluded children would lose the right to appeal to an independent panel.
But Schools Minister Jim Knight said the Conservatives' proposals had not been adequately thought through.

He said: "Head teachers have the clear power to exclude disruptive pupils, but they tell us they do not want the appeals process to be abolished as that would see them being dragged through the courts to defend their decisions.

"If head teachers keep the funding for a pupil after they've been excluded, how will the Tories afford to give excluded kids the help and education they need to get back on track?"

Another poorly thought out policy from the Tories. They seem to have no proposals about what will actually happen to these excluded students. Presumably they are happy for them to be roaming the street causing trouble in the community instead of in school.

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