Azara Blog: Surprise, students do not like paying for university education

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Date published: 2008/04/10

The BBC says:

Students have voiced resentment at paying thousands of pounds in fees for only a few hours of lectures a week.

Arts undergraduates on a "student jury" set up by ministers said they should pay less than those on science courses, because they had less teaching time.

Others expressed anxiety about how they would repay the student loans they take out to pay their yearly fees of £3,000.

There should be more transparency about what they were paying fees for, the government report for England said.

Another pointless waste of government money. Surprise, students don't want to pay for their education. Surprise, the immediate government response is to try and force yet more bureaucracy into the system.

Of course the yearly fees have been arbitrarily set to 3000 pounds. But the students are lucky. The actual market value would be much higher. So they should be careful about whinging too much or they will play straight into government hands, and the fees will be doubled and tripled. And since arts degrees do very little for the nation, and science degrees are useful for the nation, you can easily argue that if anything the cost of arts courses should be higher than for science courses.

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