Azara Blog: Which? wants even more control on "junk food" advertising

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Date published: 2008/04/19

The BBC says:

Junk food advertising makes it difficult to feed children a healthy diet, a consumer survey suggests.

Which? found 83% of those polled believed irresponsible marketing was making it harder to encourage children to eat well.

And most of the 2,000 questioned want the government to do more to control the marketing of unhealthy food to children.

But industry leaders said advertising in the UK is already heavily regulated.

A ban on adverts for junk food during television programmes aimed at children under 16 came into force in January.

However, campaigners had called for a complete ban before the 9pm watershed.

Which? said rules governing junk food advertising on the internet and on packaging were weak or non-existent, while current regulations on television advertising did not apply to the programmes most watched by children.

The poll of people over the age of 16 found 84% think there should be stronger controls on junk food advertising to children.

Which? is the organisation run by and on behalf of the academic middle class, so of course has the usual academic middle class control freak tendencies to ban everything they don't like. This survey should be treated with the usual suspicion of all surveys. First of all, the sample was probably not random. Secondly, the wording of the survey was probably biased. Unfortunately Which? doesn't seem to have put any further information on their website to indicate how this survey was conducted. Even more unfortunately, this kind of junk survey all too easily gets free publicity in the media without any critical analysis.

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