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Date published: 2008/04/20

The BBC says:

Giving regular, short breastfeeds is more beneficial than the "baby-led" method, a British study suggests.

Allowing a baby to choose when it feeds, and for how long, is often recommended to new mothers.

A study of 63 mothers in Bradford found regular feeds of up to 10 minutes on each breast led to increased weight gain and a higher breastfeeding rate.

However, midwives said the method suggested in Archives of Disease in Childhood would not apply to everyone.

Another fairly pointless health study. First of all it only consisted of 63 people. Secondly, who is to say that the increased weight gain is a good thing. But thirdly, and most importantly, this is just looking at one thing in isolation and no doubt some other research team could come up with some equally compelling reason why the exact opposite strategy is great. All in all, there is little point in paying any attention to health experts.

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