Azara Blog: UK bosses do not like to hire women who might become pregnant

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Date published: 2008/04/21

The BBC says:

More than half of UK bosses assess the chances of a member of staff falling pregnant before employing them, a survey suggests.

And 76% of managers admitted that they would not hire a new recruit if they knew they were going to fall pregnant within six months of starting the job.

Employment Law Advisory Services (ELAS) said discrimination was prevalent, despite legislation to outlaw it.

Just another junk survey, meant more to publicise the special interest pressure group behind it (here ELAS) than anything else. Surprise, who would have thought that bosses take into account in hiring the fact that some perspective employee might desert the ship in a matter of months (whether it is officially legal or not to do so). And then expected to bring back on board a year later as if nothing had happened in between. Of course if the survey was somehow provably reliable then at least you could say that this quantified the issue. But surveys like this are never reliable. And in this specific case, it's amazing that more managers do not take pregnancy into consideration, which tends to indicate that those who claimed otherwise are perhaps lying, to avoid appearing to condone something illegal, rather than anything else.

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