Azara Blog: Impington residents do not like lorries parking outside their front door

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Date published: 2008/04/29

The Cambridge News says:

Lorry drivers parking outside houses overnight are making residents' lives a living hell.

They urinate in bushes, wake up residents by starting engines in the early hours of the morning and leave the street untidy, said Julie Caporaso, who lives in Cambridge Road, Impington.

Ms Caporaso, 30, has been campaigning for two years to stop the vehicles from pulling off the A14 and parking outside her and her neighbours' homes, describing it as "like living in a truck stop".

Ms Caporaso said: "It's been awful. Sometimes we get six back to back on the street. They park right outside the houses and start their engines up at all hours.

"We had a lorry driver urinating in the bushes, it was disgusting. There is no toilet facility around here as it's a residential area so they go in public.

"Why should we have to put up with this when this is the street where my neighbours' kids play out?"

Ms Caporaso said she wanted double yellow lines painted on the road or signs saying lorries were not allowed to park in the road overnight.

Councillor John Reynolds, Cambridgeshire County Council's member for corporate services, said the council was aware that short and long-term solutions were needed.

Cllr Reynolds said: "We are now getting all the partners, the police, Highways Agency, district councils, etc, to come together and we want to have a meeting next month about the whole of the A14 and to see what we can do in the short term to try to get HGVs to park in areas where they will not cause problems to residents.
Many complaints have come about because there is a lack of overnight parking facilities along the A14 north of Cambridge, a problem which has been made even worse with the closure of the lorry park at Alconbury.

The last paragraph says it all. Lorry drivers have to park somewhere, and Reynolds does not even seem to recognise that simple fact (well, neither does Caporaso, but she is just in it for her own interest, whereas Reynolds is supposed to be in it to solve problems).

As it happens, there is a good location on the other side of the A14, in the continuation of the old Cambridge Road heading into Cambridge, so on land opposite the new Arbury Park development. It would not take much to turn that into a place where five or ten lorries could park (the road surface is already there). It would not be that close to any residential housing. (Well, there is a farm there literally on top of the A14, and a few houses in a private road just south of where the old Cambridge Road merges with the B1049 / Histon Road, but the situation is not comparable with what those residents of Impington are facing.)

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