Azara Blog: Nuclear power's carbon emissions could allegedly rise

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Date published: 2008/04/30

The BBC says:

The case for nuclear power as a low carbon energy source to replace fossil fuels has been challenged in a new report by Australian academics.

It suggests greenhouse emissions from the mining of uranium - on which nuclear power relies - are on the rise.

Availability of high-grade uranium ore is set to decline with time, it says, making the fuel less environmentally friendly and more costly to extract.
A significant proportion of greenhouse emissions from nuclear power stem from the fuel supply stage, which includes uranium mining, milling, enrichment and fuel manufacturing.

Others sources of carbon include construction of the plant - including the manufacturing of steel and concrete materials - and decomissioning.

It is good that someone is looking at this. It is of course only one study, and the motives of the authors are not clear. But this kind of analysis needs to be done. It should also be done for other so-called carbon-free sources of energy, including solar and wind and hydropower.

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