Azara Blog: The English allegedly throw out a third of the food they buy

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Date published: 2008/05/08

The BBC says:

People are needlessly throwing away 3.6m tonnes of food each year in England and Wales, research suggests.

The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) found that salad, fruit and bread were most commonly wasted and 60% of all dumped food was untouched.

The study analysed the waste disposed of by 2,138 households.

Environment Minister Joan Ruddock said the findings were "staggering" at a time of global food shortages and WRAP added it was an environmental issue.

It's only one study, although it seems to have been done reasonably thoroughly. Of course you are always going to get some wastage and 5% or 10% would be a figure which it would be hard to believe you would get much below (given that 99% of the UK is not on a starvation diet). The BBC article does not give the estimated percentage of food waste overall (just of "needless" waste) but the WRAP press release (and related publications) claims it is around a third. So the claim is that we are way above where we should be. This is as good an indication as any that for most people in the UK, food is not an issue, which of course is how it should be, but just with less waste.

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