Azara Blog: Chinese consortium wants to break the Boeing and Airbus duopoly

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Date published: 2008/05/11

The BBC says:

China has launched a new commercial plane maker which it hopes will one day compete with the likes of Boeing and Airbus, state media have reported.

China Commercial Aircraft will aim to develop regional aircraft able to carry more than 150 passengers, Xinhua said.

With $2.7bn (£1.4bn) in initial funding, the Shanghai firm is backed by state and regional governments.

China is currently building a 90-seat regional jet but previous efforts at breaking into the market have failed.

Beijing is keen to develop large-scale aviation capacity of its own to reduce its reliance on Airbus and Boeing as consumer demand for flying continues to surge in China.

Studies have suggested that demand for new planes from Chinese airlines will increase fivefold over the next 20 years, requiring about 2,650 additional aircraft.
Analysts said it could take China up to 20 years to become a credible force in commercial aviation and that it would only succeed if it attracted sufficient private investment.

The way things are heading right now, and given the size of their home market, it's pretty obvious that sooner or later China will be a big player in this, as in most other industries.

Interestingly enough, if this kind of announcement had happened in Britain then you can guarantee that the BBC would have quoted at least one if not two so-called environmentalists complaining that now was not the time to be building airplanes (because of climate change and all that).

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