Azara Blog: Gordon Brown wants to link hospital pay with performance

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Date published: 2008/05/14

The BBC says:

Hospitals are to have pay linked to performance by using patient experience to measure the quality of care.

Gordon Brown, in his draft version of the Queen's Speech, said it was part of making the NHS more "patient-centred".

It is likely to mean a tweak to the payment by results funding system under which hospitals in England are paid a set price for each treatment.

But experts remained sceptical over how performance could be incorporated into an "already complicated" system.

The government is not setting out the full details of the changes.

Well if there is one thing that Gordon Brown will be remembered for, it is over-complicating all aspects of the relationship between the government and the citizen. Here it will be interesting to see how the government decides to measure the "patient experience" and how long it will take for hospitals to figure out how to game the system.

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