Azara Blog: Government wants to make drawings of child abuse illegal

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Date published: 2008/05/28

The BBC says:

Drawings and computer-generated images of child sex abuse would be made illegal under proposals announced by Justice Minister Maria Eagle.

Owners of such images would face up to three years in prison under the plans.

The Obscene Publications Act makes it illegal to sell or distribute photos of child abuse but it is legal to own drawings and computer-generated images.

Ms Eagle said the proposed move would "help close a loophole that we believe paedophiles are using".

If there is one thing New Labour will be remembered for, it will be for wholesale removal of civil liberties. Why stop here? Why not make it illegal to have pornography? Why not make it illegal to show violence on TV or in films or in any media? Why not make it illegal to discuss or think about anything that might be illegal? Well, no doubt New Labour (and their clones in Cameron's Tories) will eventually suggest these as also desirable. We will soon hear that anything the government doesn't like is a "loophole" (a nice, loaded term) that some criminal element or other is "using" (presumably she meant "abusing", another nice, loaded term). Britain is not a nation of shopkeepers. Britain is a nation of control freaks.

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