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Date published: 2008/05/29

The BBC says:

Nuclear energy would be a good way to meet higher demands for power when electric cars grow in popularity, an ex-government scientific adviser says.

Better rechargeable batteries for cars will lead to a "shift" from petrol-fuelled vehicles to electric alternatives, Sir David King predicted.

Raising the proportion of nuclear power used by the National Grid to 35% would help to meet new demands, he added.
Greenpeace claims that even 10 new reactors would cut the UK's carbon emissions by only about 4% some time after 2025.

And environmental group Friends of the Earth has warned that huge sums of taxpayers' money would be needed to build a new generation of nuclear power stations.

It has criticised the "disastrous performance, broken promises and escalating bills to the taxpayer", which it claims have resulted from the UK's nuclear programme.

Energy minister Malcolm Wicks said the organisation needed to live in the "real world", however.

"Within the space of two days, Friends of the Earth have told us we not only need to wean ourselves off oil, but that we should also close our minds to nuclear power, one of the cheapest forms of low carbon energy available," he added.

What King says is all pretty obvious but of course the obvious facts rarely get much air time on the BBC because instead they give far too much air time to so-called environmental organisations like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth (needless to say, both the BBC and these organisations are run by people with the same academic middle class mentality). It is doubling amusing here to see Wicks put down FoE, as hardly any politician is ever willing to do so. And Greenpeace's comments are equally inane as those of the FoE. If one were being as disingenous as they are, one could interpret what they are saying as that they would prefer 20 or 30 new reactors instead of 10, so that an even bigger impact is made.

King's point that in the not too distant future cars will be run by electricity instead of petrol is an important point. So-called environmental organisations spend a lot of their time and effort trying to screw car drivers, who for some reason (along with airplane passengers) should be the only people in Britain to pay a carbon tax, and who, for some reason, should massively subsidise non-drivers in Britain. Of course these so-called environmental organisations would like to pretend that the reason they hate car drivers so much is because of global warming. But they know, as well as King, that in the medium term most cars will be run by electricity rather than petrol, and that electricity will more-and-more be generated from lower emission sources. So will they stop their anti-car campaign in the future, or even now and instead help to achieve this desirable goal? Probably not, because it's quite likely that what most of them really object to is an independently mobile working class. There is nothing worse than having the peasants being able to go where they want, when they want, without the academic middle class control freaks being able to stop them from doing so.

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