Azara Blog: South Cambridgeshire gets hysterical about Hanley Grange proposal

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Date published: 2008/06/02

The Cambridge News says:

The planned eco-town of Hanley Grange has united public and political support in opposition to its ever being built.

And it has emerged that if the new settlement is built near Hinxton, it could jeopardise the flight of iconic Spitfires at the Imperial War Museum's airfield in Duxford.

The settlement is one of 15 shortlisted by the Government, which wants 10 flagship new towns to be built across the country.

But bosses at Duxford fear it could lead to problems for the historic venue.

Mick Martin, head of airfield and security, said: "I live in the local village and we work hard to maintain positive relations between the airfield and the community.

"Having houses that close to the airfield will inevitably lead to problems for us."
South Cambridgeshire councillor Peter Topping said: "It is of great concern to all of us if Duxford would have to stop operating as an airfield. The museum is of national and international renown and it would be a sad loss to the nation."
Jarrow Investments Ltd also revealed it has been forced to cut the number of homes being built in the first phase to 7,000.

It's amazing how hysterical people in the villages south of Cambridge have reacted to this announcement about Hanley Grange, with zillions of signs plastered everywhere. So evidently they have money, and evidently it's ok for them to live in the (not that great) countryside south of Cambridge but not for anyone else.

Although Duxford is a nice enough museum, this attempt to use Spitfires as part of the campaign against the development is rather pathetic. Indeed, the usual takeoff direction is in the opposite direction. Further the village of Duxford is in the same direction and a lot closer to the airfield than this proposed new town, which is about two miles away. The M11 is even closer still. Given these facts, the Duxford "bosses" better be careful what they say, because they are implying there is a serious health and safety issue with flying ancient aircraft from the site. Needless to say, existing residents who object to the air shows will take note.

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