Azara Blog: Heathrow is a national embarrassment

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Date published: 2008/06/02

The BBC says:

Service levels at Heathrow Airport are "a national embarrassment", Giovanni Bisignani, head of International Air Transport Association (Iata) has said.

He also criticised the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), saying it was allowing Heathrow to increase charges by 86% over the next five years.

Mr Bisignani said such increases could only happen in "monopolyland".

The CAA said charges were needed to pay for modernisation while BAA said it planned to invest £4bn in Heathrow.

Yes, Heathrow is a "national embarrassment". Of course part of the problem is that most of the ruling elite of Britain are hostile to the aviation industry, so spend time and effort trying to kill off Heathrow (and the other airports) rather than making sure that Heathrow runs properly.

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