Azara Blog: Vasectomy reversals not allowed on the NHS

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Date published: 2008/06/04

The BBC says:

A man who wants another baby after his son died of cancer has been told he cannot have a vasectomy reversal on the NHS because he still has a daughter.

Andrew Preston, of Clayton, Staffs, said he wanted to "rebuild" his family after Ben, eight, died last year.

But North Staffordshire Primary Care Trust said the family's circumstances were not exceptional enough.

The trust said the procedure would only be considered if all children in a family had died.

The government imposed a blanket ban on vasectomy reversals in 2004 after high demands for the operation put pressure on NHS services.

However, it said that the procedures would still be allowed in "exceptional circumstances", left to be determined by individual health trusts.

Mr Preston said he and his wife did not want to replace Ben, but to help rebuild the family and provide their daughter Amy with another sibling.

Unbelievable, given how much money the NHS spends on fertility treatment. And it seems that perhaps the NHS is doing too many vasectomies in the first place, if vasectomy reversals are allegedly in such "high" demand.

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