Azara Blog: Gordon Brown completely loses the plot over higher road tax

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Date published: 2008/06/05

The BBC says:

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said plans for a higher road tax on the most polluting cars are part of a "long-term trend" in many countries.

He said there were widespread moves to "discourage high-polluting vehicles" abroad and urged more research into "commercially viable" electric cars.

The Tories say the new tax, due to start next year, will be "deeply unpopular" as it includes older cars.

Many Labour MPs are concerned it will hit poorer people with old cars.

New vehicle excise duty bands aimed at penalising the highest-polluting cars are due to come into force next spring.

Ministers argue the new tax bands would save 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions by 2020, but concerns have been raised because they will apply not just to new cars, but also to those registered since 2001.

You can blame the global situation for a lot of the current problems in the British economy, but Gordon Brown has really completely lost the plot if this is the kind of pathetic excuses he is coming up with to justify his government's ill-conceived effectively retrospective tax hike on larger old cars.

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