Azara Blog: John Major does not support 42 day "terror" proposal

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Date published: 2008/06/06

The BBC says:

Claims by former prime minister Sir John Major that holding suspects for up to 42 days would increase terrorism have been rejected by the government.

Home Office Minister Tony McNulty urged MPs to trust the police on the issue rather than Sir John who has been "out of the loop" for the past decade.
In an interview with The Times, Sir John, who survived an IRA rocket attack during his time in Downing Street, argued the plans pose a graver threat to liberty than terrorism.

Who would have thought it, eh. The Tories as the guardians of civil liberties. Of course talk by a retired politician when the party is in opposition is cheap. No doubt when the Tories take over again in a year or two they will discover all sorts of reasons why they should trample the civil liberties of people.

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