Azara Blog: The next generation of broadband is claimed to have no real economic benefit for the UK

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Date published: 2008/06/09

The BBC says:

Moving to the next generation of broadband technology could deliver huge economic rewards, says a report.

The Broadband Stakeholder Group report said the benefit could be in excess of £16bn - the estimated cost of upgrading the UK's net infrastructure.

But those benefits should not tempt a rush to invest too quickly and boost speeds, it said.

It warned that some of the benefits will only materialise when high-speed networks have reached most UK homes.

Let's see, a group with an interest in promoting broadband says that the alleged benefit is pretty much the same as the alleged cost. Well how can anyone seriously even suggest that it be done then? No doubt the excuse will be that there are zillions of pounds of unexpected benefits just waiting to be discovered. This could of course be true since, after all, the authors of this report are only alleged experts and could hardly be expected to get the sums correct.

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