Azara Blog: Severn Barrage is allegedly not a good idea

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Date published: 2008/06/12

The BBC says:

The power generated by the proposed Severn Barrage could be produced more cheaply using other green technologies, a report says.

The £15bn dam across the Severn estuary from Cardiff to Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset could supply 5% of the UK's electricity within 14 years.

But an independent report commissioned by 10 environmental groups said it was not a good use of taxpayers' money.

Campaigners have also spelt out the damage to wildlife it could cause.
The government previously said the scale of the 10-mile barrage and the impact it could have on securing energy supplies and tackling climate change was "breathtaking".

But a report published by Frontier Economics, an economic consultancy, said the barrage would be an expensive option compared to other renewable energy and the government's renewable energy target could probably be met using cheaper green technologies.

Gee whiz, a bunch of so-called environmentalists hire a consultancy to produce a report, and the consultants just happen to provide the result that their paymasters wanted. And then the BBC has the nerve to say that this is an "independent report". And worse, Frontier Economics is an economic, not an engineering, consultancy. The Severn Barrage would no doubt be very expensive, and inevitably even more than its proponents claim, but why would anyone treat this report seriously? As is customary, the BBC just point blank accepts the assertions of the so-called environmentalists without any questions.

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