Azara Blog: Environment Minister claims he wants a "debate" on GM crops

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Date published: 2008/06/20

The BBC says:

The government is ready to argue for a greater role for genetically-modified (GM) crops, says Environment Minister Phil Woolas.

He wants a debate on the benefits, amid rising food prices, of GM crops possibly offering greater yields, particularly in the developing world.

The government's position could alarm campaigners who have expressed fears about the crops' safety in the past

Any minister who says he "wants a debate" about any issue is either lying or foolish. And specifically with GM crops there is no point in a "debate" because the people who oppose GM crops will always oppose GM crops no matter what the evidence shows. The basic point is that they do not oppose GM crops because of "fears about the crops' safety" but for religious reasons (mostly that they hate US corporations, although many of them also hate pretty much any technology which is post-industrial revolution). Unfortunately most of the academic middle class people who run the UK (certainly who run the media) fall into this particular religious camp.

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