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Date published: 2008/06/21

Now and again Alison Richard, the vice-chancellor (i.e. the real head) of Cambridge University writes to "alumnae and alumni". Needless to say, this is all about fundraising, but the British are ever so quaint about this. Her latest effort (dated June 2008) starts out with:

In 2009, a few short months away, we will celebrate the University's 800th year and centuries of intellectual inquiry and teaching that have given the world a stream of transforming ideas and people.

This is followed by two dense sides of A4 with general blurbs about the university and also its relation to the world. There is no way anybody is going to read this entire letter unless they literally have nothing else to do with their time. Finally, in the last sentence, we come to the real point of the exercise:

We hope that in our Anniversay year all alumni will give what support they can to ensure that the future of Cambridge is as bright as ever.

Well, Cambridge is perfectly good at raising money (at least by UK standards) but this kind of arcane letter is not really going to help.

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