Azara Blog: Cambridge County Council to set up a commission to look at congestion

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Date published: 2008/06/25

The BBC says:

Congestion problems in Cambridge are to be looked at by a team of private and public sector groups.

The new commission, which could include the city council, Addenbrooke's Hospital, police and the universities, has been set up by the county council.

The move comes after the council made a bid for £500m of government funds for a plan, including for congestion charging, which was not well supported. The commission's aim is to come up with ideas to curb the city's congestion.

Jill Tuck, leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, said: "We have listened carefully over the last few months and it is clear that the Transport Innovation Fund scheme we put forward for consultation last autumn does not have sufficient support either from other key organisations or the public.

"It needs, at the very least, refinement.

"The £500m we have requested is way in excess of anything we would ever raise locally but such a huge cash injection does have to be accompanied by a congestion charging scheme.

"It will be for the commission to determine what is best for Cambridge but any scheme must have support from key public and private organisations and also the public."

The first time around, the county council just came up with their proposals without asking pretty much anyone else, so not the city council, not businesses and definitely not the public. They obviously still want the central government bribe (and although the figure of £500m was put forward, that was hypothetical and not a real offer). So they have (wisely) now asked other interested parties to come up with new proposals. But one interested party they will continue to ignore will be the public. Ultimately there will be "congestion" charging in Cambridge, either before the rest of the country or (hopefully) along with the rest of the country, wheher the public wants it or not. The ruling elite of Britain have long since decided to screw motorists, and that campaign will continue for the forseeable future.

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