Azara Blog: Britain is allegedly going to have zillions of new wind turbines installed

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Date published: 2008/06/26

The BBC says:

Thousands of new wind turbines could be built across the UK over the coming decade as part of a £100bn plan to boost renewable energy.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the UK should be a leader in renewable energy.

But he warned it would not come from "business as usual" and he called for a national debate on achieving the UK's target of 15% renewable energy by 2020.
Under the government's plans an extra 4,000 onshore and 3,000 offshore turbines will be needed, impacting on communities, business and the government.

Ministers say visible changes to landscapes, towns and cities are "inevitable" but in his speech Mr Brown promised local communities wind turbines would be sited in the "right" locations.
The average bill for gas and electricity for the average household is currently £1,055, but this is estimated to rise to £1,346 as a result of the implementation of greener technology.

BBC environment and science correspondent David Shukman said that savings from improved insulation and energy efficiency should bring that figure down.

Wind is one of the few so-called green energy sources that makes some sense for Britain, but time will tell whether this is just more spin from central government. The Tories allegedly support this, but you can guarantee your last pound that they will find all sorts of reasons why onshore wind farms should not be allowed (because these would be situated in rural, i.e. Tory, areas). And you can guarantee that all politicians will not be mentioning too much to voters that their energy bills are going to rocket even more than has happened recently.

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